Hunter Biden’s Mansion Paid For With Taxpayer Money Exposed In New Photos

( Hunter Biden pays $20,000 per month for a rental house in Malibu, California.

That’s a lot of paintings that have to be sold.

The Malibu home is located on a secluded lane with no public access and has breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. It pays to be the crack-addict son of a sitting president.

Signs near the house state that it is a private road, with solicitors prohibited and trespassing prohibited, including by the media. Especially the media.

There is plenty of security near the home, including a squad car from the Malibu Patrol and a private company.

But it’s the secret service detail that is particularly galling.

The lawyer-turned-(hack) painter and his filmmaker wife Melissa Cohen raise their little boy in a rented private Malibu home, and the federal agents tasked with securing members of the president’s family are a stone’s throw away.

The Secret Service is spending $30,000 per month to rent a neighboring home to provide him with 24-hour protection. That’s our money.

According to news media, the Secret Service officers are “working” in a six-bedroom, six-bathroom home neighboring Hunter’s. It has a gym, a pool, and a “castle-like tower.”

There is an interesting nugget that has surfaced about the house’s location.
Hunter Biden, who has claimed to have struggled with alcohol and crack addictions for most of his life, now lives across the street from a posh recovery clinic where Lindsay Lohan once dried out.

The vast complex includes beautiful gardens, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and luxurious lodgings in a Spanish hacienda-style palace, with a tall brick structure with floor-to-ceiling windows.

As the New York Post quipped, it’s all within “stumbling distance” from Hunter’s home.

Hunter Biden, 52, has admitted to going to rehab many times and receiving treatment for anything from ketamine to the hallucinogenic venom of the Sonoran Desert toad, but, according to a Cliffside Malibu manager, he has never been a patient there.

After only a week, Hunter Biden once left a treatment facility and proceeded to the Mii Amo resort spa in Sedona. That is where he hooked up with his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, the wife of his brother, Beau, who died of brain cancer.

Hunter claims he didn’t have an affair with Hallie until after his brother died. Hunter’s ex-wife says, not so fast. She has emails to prove the affair started while his brother was alive and suffering.

The ex calls him “a sicko.”

Are we sure he is worth protecting for 30k a month?