Hunter Biden Tries To Deny Allegations

( Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, lied on paperwork to obtain a gun in 2018, claiming he wasn’t a drug user.

A shocking report from Politico earlier this week revealed how the United States Secret Service became involved in an incident with Hunter Biden and his former girlfriend-slash-sister-in-law, Hallie Biden. It involved a .38 revolver that Hunter Biden purchased but which was later thrown out by Hallie Biden and found by a man searching through their trash for recycling.

The Secret Service was then understood to have approached the store where the gun was purchased to obtain proof that it was bought by Hunter Biden, and documents obtained by Politico show that the son of Joe Biden lied when filling in forms.

Which is a felony.

Politico described how Hunter Biden answered “no” to a question asking if he engaged in unlawful use of, or had an addiction to, “marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other control substance.”

Hunter Biden’s drug addiction is extremely well-documented. He even describes it in his recent autobiography, “Beautiful Things,” and the whole world has seen the naked photographs he took of himself while smoking crack cocaine and having sex with prostitutes by now.

While lying on the form is technically a felony, Politico notes, prosecutions for committing the crime are “exceedingly rare.”

Politico cited a report from Delaware police that showed how Hunter Biden told officers that he used the gun for target practice and “became very agitated” when asked if it had been recently used in a crime. Hunter Biden then asked a Delaware officer if he was “intentionally trying to make him mad” by asking if he’d used the gun to commit a crime.

As a side note, for any of our reasons consciously aware of Google’s bias when delivering search engine results on issues that may be damaging to Democrats, Google appears to have scrubbed this story from its search engine results.

Search “Hunter Biden drugs gun form” on Google and months-old stories appear on the search engines results page. Do the same on any competing search engine, however – like Microsoft’s Bing, for instance – and a plethora of stories appear about this shocking new scandal.

Imagine what the media would do if President Donald Trump’s children ever committed crimes like this?