Hunter Biden Stole Family’s Private Data, Report Suggests

( In an exclusive report last week, The Washington Examiner revealed that records found on Hunter Biden’s laptop indicate he swiped personal data from his sister-in-law’s cellphones more than a dozen times without her consent.

The Examiner hired a cyber-forensics expert, former Secret Service agent Konstantinos Dimitrelos, who examined a copy of the infamous laptop that Hunter abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop in 2019.

According to Dimitrelos, Hunter extracted data from Hallie Biden’s iPhones between 2017 and 2018, including text messages, photos, notes, call logs, calendar, and more than 120 voicemail messages.

The texts and voicemails from Hallie’s phone found on Hunter’s laptop were mostly of a personal nature. However, some suggest that Hallie Biden was aware of Hunter’s business dealings with China.

Dimitrelos confirmed with “100% certainty” that her iPhones were accessed and the data copied to Hunter’s laptop. If this was done without her consent, Dimitrelos added, Hunter Biden would have violated multiple federal laws.

Records on the hard drive of Hunter’s laptop show that in May 2017 he purchased a program called “Dr. Fone” which he then used to extract the data from Hallie Biden. According to Dimitrelos, Hunter would’ve had to hardwire Hallie’s phone to his laptop over the dozen times he used the Dr. Fone program.

Hunter first used the program to extract data from Hallie’s phone on May 31, 2017. At that time, he transferred the text message history between Hallie and a man named David Walsh. Hunter and Halie were involved in a contentious romantic relationship at the time, and Hunter believed Hallie was cheating on him with Walsh.

Just days later, Hunter sent Hallie a text in which he included her text messages with Walsh.

Dimitrelos told the Examiner that he is absolutely certain Hunter Biden is solely responsible for the activity on his laptop hard drive and all of the data stored. He also said that he could find no evidence of file manipulation and the authenticity of the data on the hard drive is indisputable.

Read the full report at the Washington Examiner HERE.