Hunter Biden Implicates Top Democrat In Crack Smoking Scandal

( It’s no secret at this point that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has a pretty sordid history. After abandoning his laptop at a Delaware computer repair store, which ultimately led to the computer repair store owner handing over the contents to the FBI and the media, it was revealed that the young Biden has a penchant for having sex with young-looking girls while smoking crack cocaine.

And now, audio released by the Daily Mail has implicated Marion Berry, the late former mayor of Washington, D.C., in his crack-smoking antics.

In the audio, Biden can be heard bragging about smoking the drug with Barry, who died in 2014. The clip came from a phone call made in January 2019.

“You know what, I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry,” he can be heard saying in the clip, proudly.

“I swear to f*cking God,” he continued.

He went on to describe how he would regularly smoke the illegal substance with the D.C. mayor in the bathroom of a local bar, saying that the politician would regularly go to the bar late at night.

The story is believable, too. In 1990, Barry was caught on camera smoking crack cocaine during a sting operation by the FBI. He was arrested on drug charges, transforming his public perception. Incredibly, however, he went on to be elected to the Council of the District of Columbia after he was released from prison. He then went on to be elected mayor again in 1994, serving in the role until 1999.

How do Democrats get away with insane scandals like this, but President Donald Trump can be hounded for years over false allegations about colluding with Russia?

The admissions in the audio clip also contradict claims made by Hunter Biden in his recent book, “Beautiful Things,” in which he claims that he was scared off from doing drugs after he was arrested as a teenager, avoiding them completely until after he left college.

You can hear the audio recordings here.

What’s more shocking about this – the fact that the Democrat Mayor of D.C. smoked with the son of the future president, or that Hunter Biden will almost certainly get away with this?