Hunter Biden HASN’T Denied That He Gave Laptop To Repair Shop In Delaware

( Hunter Biden, the son of former vice president and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, has neither denied nor confirmed that he left a laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware in April last year. It suggests that the ongoing reports of emails recovered from a laptop are likely to be true.

Biden, who is known for making hugely lucrative business deals in China and Ukraine when his father was vice president, has not denied that the laptop recovered from the repair shop belonged to him.

This month, the New York Post published some of the emails obtained from the laptop which suggested that Hunter Biden and his business associates had attempted to leverage his father’s position as vice president into higher-paying business deals and roles in foreign companies.

Despite social media giants like Facebook and Twitter throttling the spread of the story and even locking people out of their accounts if they shared the story, so far the evidence seems to suggest it’s the real deal. Twitter and Facebook both claimed that the story was shaky and needed to be fact-checked, by the New York Post provided a document that appears to show Hunter Biden’s signature on paperwork given to him when he allegedly dropped off the laptop at the store.

The document also shows his email address and phone number.

As part of the agreement that he is believed to have signed, the Macbook Pro device would cease to be his property if he did not pick it up or pay for it. Hunter Biden is understood to have left the laptop at the store, meaning it legally became the property of the store owner.

When Hunter Biden became the focus of a media storm, the owner of the store checked the contents of the laptop – which he was legally and contractually able to do – and found emails that suggest the former vice president may not have been honest when he said he was unaware of his son’s business dealings.

George Mesires, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, has not responded to emails from media outlets asking whether the repair shop paperwork is a forgery.

The repair shop owner at the center of the story also said last week that Hunter Biden’s lawyer asked for the computers back a day before the story broke.

Well, that isn’t suspicious…