Hunter Biden Claims He’s Poor To Avoid Child Payments

On Monday, Hunter Biden made his first court appearance in Arkansas, where his attorneys argued for a reduction in his child support obligations to his ex-mistress and their 4-year-old daughter by portraying him as financially stressed.

Reports show that after making millions in deals and positions on boards for foreign companies over the past decade, the president’s son is now without a salary, has had his Porsche repossessed, and slept on a cot in his father’s room throughout a trip to Dublin, Ireland, according to Biden’s lawyers.

The court heard on Monday that he had resorted to accepting financial aid from a wealthy associate, Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris. Morris has handed Biden one of his cars to use now.

Days before the hearing, Arkansas Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer instructed Biden and Roberts, the mother of his child, to present for all future court sessions, citing the unnecessary delay of the case due to their absences.  

According to Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden’s attorney, President Joe Biden, and Lunden Alexis Roberts came to a child support arrangement in 2020, with Biden agreeing to pay Roberts $20,000 per month. According to Lowell, Biden has given Roberts $750,000 or more over the last five years.

In the past, Roberts’ attorneys have argued that he cannot afford a reduction in child support because of his expensive legal team.

A report reveals the Judge blasted Hunter Biden for trying to hide his finances.

The judge’s anger was justified because Biden had withheld vital information concerning his painting sales.

The attorney for Hunter Biden has informed the court that he is unaware of the identity of the collectors who acquired works from his client.

The judge warned issuing a summons to the gallery to learn who bought the artwork and how much it was sold for.

Depositions of Lunden Roberts and Hunter Biden are scheduled for June.

Hunter Biden has yet to meet his daughter, Navy Joan, and  President Joe Biden has yet to recognize his granddaughter.