Hunter Biden Beau Biden’s Widow Get Tested For HIV

( As Hunter Biden’s affair with his dead brother’s widow began falling apart, he sent her an email telling her to get tested for HIV.

Hunter, who became involved with Beau Biden’s widow Hallie a year after Beau’s death, sent her an email in July 2018 with the subject: “YOU NEED TO GET TESTED FOR HIV HALLIE.”

In the email, Hunter demanded Hallie get tested and inform him of the results that day. He also accused his brother’s widow of turning her daughter against him and told her to get “serious long term professional help.”

If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

Hunter let Hallie know that he too was getting tested for HIV and scolded her for hanging up on him when he was “sick scared.”

About a month later, Hunter fathered a child with another woman.

Hunter and Hallie began their affair in 2016 about a year after Hallie’s husband, brother Beau, died of brain cancer. In his (no doubt ghost-written) 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things,” Hunter wrote that he convinced his half-there father to publicly condone the affair in 2017 after old Joe was reluctant to express any public support for his son sleeping with his dead son’s wife.

When Hunter and Hallie began their affair, Hunter was still married to Kathleen Buhle. The couple divorced in April 2017.

While living with Hallie, Hunter began sleeping with Hallie’s older sister, Elizabeth Secundy. At that time, he was also involved in a sexual relationship with a stripper named Lunden Roberts with whom he had a child.

Hunter denied he was the father of Roberts’ baby. In January 2020, after a paternity test, an Arkansas judge ruled that Hunter was the child’s father and ordered him to pay back child support.

No wonder Hunter was worried about HIV. Is there anyone in the Biden family who isn’t as messed up as a Jerry Springer guest?

Hunter and Hallie didn’t split up until late in 2018. In an email around the time of their split, charming guy that he is, Hunter told Hallie that she was a “clueless, middle-aged, over botoxed flat a—loser.”

In response, Hallie told him to stop sending her “nasty emails,” telling Hunter, “I’m not against you.”

She should be.