Hungary’s Orban Bashes Soros, Says He’s Been Defeated

( Despite worldwide opposition from the establishment Left, Hungary’s national-conservative Prime Minister Victor Orban won a fourth consecutive term in office on April 3. And during his victory speech to supporters of his Fidesz-KDNP party on Sunday, Orban declared victory over the “overwhelming force” of the left in Hungary and abroad, as well victory over “the Brussels bureaucrats,” the “international mainstream media,” and the George Soros “empire with all its money.”

He said his victory was proof that “Christian democratic politics, conservative civic politics, and patriotic politics” aren’t the past, but the future

To confirm that Orban’s victory was not welcome news in Brussels, BBC Europe editor Katya Adler noted that after he won the election, “you could almost hear the collective thud of EU hearts sinking.”

In his speech, Orban also declared victory over Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky, alluding to the fact that Zelensky attempted to intervene in Hungary’s election by accusing Orban of openly supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, Orban has always argued that his dealings with Moscow have been strictly practical since Hungary relies heavily on Russian gas and its maintenance and expansion of nuclear energy production.

Hungary, however, has been unique among the EU member states that border Ukraine since Orban has refused to permit weapons shipments into Ukraine from traveling through Hungary, only allowing other forms of aid to cross its territory.

Hungary’s opposition has been pushing for Orban to lift the ban on weapons shipments. However, the government has resisted, arguing that doing so could drag Hungary into the war while giving Russia a reason to direct strikes on the region of Ukraine that borders Hungary, endangering the substantial ethnic Hungarian minority in that region.

It is Ukraine’s treatment of this Hungarian minority that has led to long-term tensions between Kyiv and Budapest, leading Hungary to block cooperation with Ukraine in both NATO and EU forums before Russia’s invasion.

During his show last Monday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson mocked the left’s hysterical reaction to Orban’s election victory during his opening monologue.