Huckabee Says Biden’s Gaffe Have Gotten Too Dangerous

( During an interview on Fox & Friends on Wednesday, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee blasted the Biden administration for its disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan – pointing out that Joe Biden’s incompetence and repeated gaffes go “way beyond comedy.”

Yes, this is self-evident.

When Joe Biden was only the ineffective Vice President, his repeated gaffes and missteps were easy to poke fun of. In short, Joe Biden was a walking punchline.

But now that the walking punchline is President and Commander-in-Chief, his incompetence and gaffes are no longer especially comical.

Sure, when Vice President Biden stupidly suggested going out onto your balcony and firing a shotgun into the air, Americans laughed at his idiocy.

But when President Biden’s idiocy and mental incompetence gets thirteen US service members killed in a terrorist attack, leaves hundreds of Americans stranded in Afghanistan, and gets an innocent family killed in a bungled drone strike, it isn’t a laughing matter anymore.

Or, as Huckabee put it, it has now moved “way beyond the comedy” to become a “life and death situation for Americans.”

Huckabee repeated what many have been saying over the last nine months – namely, the whole world is watching. And while the American corporate media may try to hide just how incompetent and cognitively impaired the President is, America’s enemies and allies can see it clearly.

It also hasn’t escaped the notice of our enemies or allies that this man in the White House has a tendency to hide whenever things go wrong.

He hid at Camp David while the Taliban overthrew the Afghan government. Kabul fell on August 15, but the President and Commander-in-Chief didn’t address the nation until two days later.

After the terror attack in Kabul killed thirteen US service members, it took Biden a day and a half to address the country. A day and a half.

Biden’s inability to do the job isn’t going unnoticed – not by Iran, not by the Taliban, not by Russia, and certainly not by China.

Even America’s allies are losing faith in the President who bragged that “American diplomacy is back!”

At this point, the only ones still laughing at this gaffe-prone incompetent are America’s enemies.