House GOP Announces First Impeachment Hearing Date

A report reveals that the first hearing in the House’s impeachment probe investigating President Biden will take place at 10:00 a.m. ET on Thursday, the Republicans said on Monday.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Kentucky) has said that the next hearing would explore the merits of an impeachment inquiry and disclose all material gathered by the committee so far in its investigation of the Biden family’s finances.

Comer said in an announcement that investigations by three House committees since January had discovered overwhelming evidence that President Joe Biden had exploited his position to enrich his family financially.

Joe Biden allowed his family to sell him as “the brand” around the world to enrich the Biden family, as evidenced by testimony from reputable IRS whistleblowers, countless pages of banking records, texts, emails, and a documented inquiry with a Biden business associate Devon Archer.

Americans expect and are due answers and responsibility for this misuse of public office. Congress has the responsibility to launch an impeachment inquiry into allegations of corruption against Biden.

Comer wrote that the House Oversight Committee will present evidence gathered thus far and listen to legal and financial experts regarding crimes the Bidens may have carried out as they raked in millions at the cost of U.S. interests this week.

An impeachment inquiry isn’t Biden’s only problem. According to a report, the current national survey of Republican Primary voters shows President Trump has over 50% more support than Ron DeSantis and over 62% over all candidates.

Morning Consult polled 1,183 likely Republican primary voters on September 28. This occurred after President Trump skipped the September 27 Republican Primary Debate held in California. Even though he didn’t attend, Trump did better in a pre-debate survey.

According to Morning Consult, the data supports that Trump is the primary Republican frontrunner and that the absence of Trump from debates could even boost the former president. It also implies that the field’s continued disarray hampers attempts to stop Trump’s 2024 nomination next year.