House Democrats Move On Voting Act

( House Democrats are moving ahead with plans to introduce new legislation that would make voting less safe, eliminate the need to provide ID before casting a vote, and remove Republican Congressional seats.

Unity and healing, right?

One America News reported on Tuesday that the House Rules Committee held a hearing on H.R.1., the “For the People Act of 2021,” which intends to connect the “For the People Act” with the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.”

H.R.1. seeks to eliminate existing voter ID laws and federally mandate mass mail-in balloting. The flawed and risky unsolicited mail-in ballot system has been credited for the victory of the Joe Biden campaign in November 2020, so it’s not surprising that Democrats want to take the hugely controversial system introduced to encourage voting during a pandemic and turn it into a permanent fixture in American elections.

As Congress doesn’t have the authority to tell state election commissions how they should conduct their legislations, the bill instead aims to punish states who require voters to request mail-in ballots and who require voters to present ID when voting.

Their excuse? Well, they don’t have one…except “racism.”

Republicans have noted that Congress does not have the Constitutional authority to meddle in the elections of individual states.

Rep. Rodney Davis said that the Constitution “simply does not permit Congress to mandate these issues” and that states and localities must be involved in the decision-making.

The proposed Democrat legislation says that Congress has the power to reduce the number of seats of a state if they break the new rules they intend to put in place, and given that Republican states are the ones who will object to the new rules, Republican members of Congress can expect to lose their seats if they don’t comply with the dangerous new rules.

The new legislation may not only ensure Democrats win every federal election ever again – assuming that their party remains the beneficiary of illegal immigrants voting – but would also reduce the representation of Republicans in Congress too.

Rep. Tom Cole said that he believes the Democrats need to “rethink” their plans and stop “cloaking a naked and brazen attempt to rig the national election system in one parties favour under the guise of needed reform.”

OAN notes that the legislation calls voter ID a form of “voter suppression” to stop non-white people from voting – ie, racism.

However, non-white people have exactly the same access to identification cards as white people.

Should the legislation pass, it would also utilize Section 5 of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution that allows Congress to change the number of congressional seats in a state based on population.

Are we heading towards a one-party state?