Horrifying Video Shows Extreme Texas Weather As Crisis Mounts

(PresidentialWire.com)- The weather in Texas has been pretty wild over the last couple of winters, and new, disturbing footage shows how the state has been hit by a series of severe tornadoes and high winds as spring rolls in.

Footage taken on Monday showed tornadoes sweeping through several Texas cities, including round Rock, Luling, and Elgin. By Tuesday morning, there were weather alerts across the state, including in the capital city of Austin.

The footage, which we have embedded below, shows a Walmart parking lot with tornadoes blowing materials and debris through the sky. Some cars tried to drive in the weather but were quickly forced to pull over, while others got out of their parked cars and ran to safety inside of the building.

It’s really intense:

Other footage, this time recorded in the southeastern region of Elgin, showed multiple tornadoes in the distance.


The Elgin Police Department told social media users to “be careful, slow down and be kind to one another,” and confirmed reports of damage to local buildings and structures, as well as power outages.

Charitable organizations were also out in force on Tuesday helping people whose homes were damaged during the weather and encouraged people to contact the Central Texas Red Cross if they need any help.

It looks extreme to the rest of the country, but some Texans will tell you that this weather isn’t exactly new.