Homeless vets are being booted from NY hotels to make room for migrants: advocates

According to a charity helping homeless veterans, nearly two dozen veterans have been forced out of upstate motels to make room for migrants.

They claim that the hotels alerted the former military personnel at the start of the week that their temporary lodging was being ripped out from under them and that they would have to move on to another location. A man, 24, who had just returned from Afghanistan and was in serious need of assistance, was among them.

About 60 miles north of New York City, in Orange County, is where the Crossroads Hotel is located. According to Sharon Toney-Finch, CEO of the Yerik Israel Toney Foundation, 15 veterans were evicted from the hotel. 

In response to complaints from city officials, Mayor Eric Adams began busing Gotham’s overflow to this hotel, becoming a new core of the city’s immigration problem.

Toney-Finch said that of the ten homeless veterans, five stayed at the Super 8 and five at the Hampton Inn in Middletown, NY. Middletown’s hotels are on the shortlist for housing migrant workers, but no one has seen them so far.

Toney-Finch claims that the veterans were to stay in the three hotels for up to four weeks while a more permanent housing option was located.

She said the vets were given notice to vacate two weeks into their motel stay.

Toney-Finch believes that financial motives play a central role.

When asked about the difference between what her organization pays for lodging for the veterans and what the city pays for each migrant, she stated because they’re a tiny nonprofit, that has to pay a veteran $88 a day to be there.

Although it is unknown how much the city is forking over upstate, there have been reports of negotiations between New York City and Manhattan hotels that have included payments as high as $190 per night to accommodate migrants.

What, exactly, is the goal of this Biden administration, to bankrupt the nation?