Hollywood Stars Throw Support Behind Boebert Challenger

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado has a challenging re-election ahead of her, and now things could be getting a little tougher for her.

Newsweek conducted a campaign finance analysis recently, pulling data filed with the Federal Election Commission. The media outlet found that some major players in Hollywood are donating to Democrat Adam Frisch’s campaign.

Frisch only narrowly lost to Boebert during the 2022 midterm elections, and he is her main challenger again in the upcoming 2024 elections.

The Hollywood notables who have donated to Frisch’s cause to flip the Colorado seat blue include singer Roseanne Cash, who is the daughter of the legendary Johnny Cash; Don Henley, a singer and the founding member of the band The Eagles; Rob Reiner, who has garnered Oscar nominations as an actor; Barbara Streisand, a music legend; and Ryan Reynolds, a blockbuster actor.

Boebert’s seat representing the 3rd Congressional district in Colorado is one of the most hotly-contested races for the House in the U.S. The district is considered solidly Republican by historical standards, but Frisch came close to changing that history in the last election.

Frisch’s surprise performance during the 2022 midterms automatically triggered a recount in the election. In the end, Boebert won re-election by a mere 546 votes.

That solid performance convinced Frisch that voters are looking for a change from the firebrand Republican who continues to make headlines in Congress. He’s looking to win over enough voters this time around to actually capture the seat.

One way he’s trying to do so is by raising a ton of money. Frisch has broken records for fundraising already, as he brought in more than $3.38 million in just the third quarter of this year. That amount was four times what Boebert’s campaign was able to raise in the same time period.

What’s impressive about Frisch’s fundraising thus far is that 99% of all the donations he has brought in have come from individual donors.

None of this has escaped the sights of Boebert, who has recognized that Hollywood A-listers are throwing their money at her opponent. In fact, she’s used this fact to reach out to her own supporters to bring in more money to get her re-elected.

On Thursday, she posted to the social media platform X:

“My opponent has plenty of funding from Soros dark money and even Hollywood liberals like Barbara Streisand and Ryan Reynolds. I need your help. Can I count on your support today for the critical November end-of-month deadline?”

Other individual donors to Frisch’s campaign include actors such as Tony Shaloub and Don McManus, many musicians and also movie producers. According to the FEC data that Newsweek analyzed, all of these people don’t even live in Colorado.

Jeff Hurd, who is a Republican challenging Boebert in the race, said recently that the sole reason why Hollywood A-listers are spending money into Colorado’s race is that Boebert is running.
If he were the GOP candidate instead, these same donors would likely flee come general election time, which would give Republicans a better chance at holding onto the seat in the 2024 election.