Hispanics Are Fleeing The Democrat Party

(PresidentialWire.com)- According to multiple polls evaluated by The Wall Street Journal last week, Hispanic voters, particularly among the working class, are progressively changing their support to Republicans after previously being a predominantly Democratic group.
Reports show that in the 2020 presidential election, 63% of Latinos supported then-candidate Joe Biden, an 8% decrease from Hillary Clinton’s support in 2016.
According to Pew Research, Biden’s Hispanic vote share vs. Clinton fell by 7% in 2020, while Trump’s support increased by 10% to 38%. The shift was most pronounced among Latino voters without a college degree, AKA “working-class.” Biden won 11% fewer votes among them in 2020 than Hillary did in 2016.
Political poll researchers attribute this movement to both parties’ shifting positions. Since 2016, the Democrat Party has embraced stronger left-wing policy ideas, such as increased social spending, support for race-based curriculum, and relaxation of immigration rules. Many Latino voters, mostly Catholics or Jehovah’s Witnesses, find them irreconcilable with their beliefs.

Conservative political analysts point to the Democrat Party’s embrace of socialism and the Obama administration’s relationship with Cuba, from whence many fled the Castro-led communist state. According to Stephanie Valencia, the founder of Equis Labs, which works closely with the Democratic Party, the claim that Democrats are socialists has largely gone uncontested over the previous several years.

According to reports, Tejanos are highly engaged in Texas’ oil and gas business, which has been a flashpoint in Democrat efforts to curb carbon emissions. The group’s strong Catholic identification and gun ownership put them in contrast with Democrat rhetoric that supports abortion and opposes gun rights.
Republican Mayra Flores, a Mexican immigrant, won a special election to Congress from Texas’ 34th Congressional District in 2022, which Democrats had held from its inception.

Experts state that these developments signal a more profound realignment of political coalitions, with the Democratic Party unable to count on solid Latino support comparable to the 71% who voted for President Barack Obama in 2012.

Mike Madrid, a Republican political consultant in California, believes Latinos are voting for economic reasons and against the Democratic Party’s cultural degradation.

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