Hillary Clinton Takes Victory Lap After Trump’s Indictment

Hillary Clinton suggested that she emerged unharmed from the email investigation while news of Donald Trump’s indictment over mishandling classified documents broke on Thursday. 

Taking to Twitter, the former Secretary of State shared a meme featuring her wearing a hat adorned with the phrase “but her emails.” 

She captioned the post by alluding to recent events. 

She encouraged people to purchase a limited-edition But Her Emails hat to show their support for @onwardtogether, a group associated with the organization she founded. 

Onward Together is a political action organization that aims to bolster young progressive leaders.

Richard Grenell, the former acting intelligence chief to President Donald Trump, strongly criticized Hillary Clinton’s tweet. 

He focused on Clinton using her personal email server while secretary of state to house classified documents and materials. 

In a tweet, Grenell expressed his disapproval: “Hillary Clinton proudly boasted about evading accountability for her actions of acquiring, concealing, and destroying classified information.”

The Department of Justice brought forward an indictment against former president Donald Trump on Thursday. 

The indictment consists of at least thirty-seven felony charges related to handling numerous classified documents after his departure from the White House in January 2021.

In August of the previous year, classified documents were recovered by the FBI from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. 

This raid occurred several months after he was issued a grand jury subpoena in May 2022, which mandated the return of all classified documents. 

Maintaining his innocence, Trump asserted that he had declassified the documents before removing them from the White House. The Department of Justice appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith to oversee the case.

During his presidency, Trump consistently criticized the Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her use of her personal email server while serving as secretary of state in the Obama administration.

In 2016, the FBI investigated the potential transfer or improper storage of classified information on Clinton’s personal system. 

While Clinton was found to follow the investigation procedures and was not charged, the bureau stated in July 2016 that there was evidence of extreme carelessness in handling highly classified information. 

However, no clear evidence of an intentional violation of laws pertaining to classified information was found.