Hillary Clinton Pushes Vaccines On Americans With New Request

(PresidentialWire.com)- We are sorry to announce that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is still in the spotlight, and still thinks she can tell you what to do.

The former Secretary of State and two-times failed presidential candidate is using her massive Twitter account to encourage people to get out and take the vaccine, after President Joe Biden failed to reach his goal of vaccinating 70% of the American population by July 4.

“Get those shots, folks,” Clinton – or one of Clinton’s social media managers – said on her account.

She shared a graphic showing that 99% of COVID-19 hospitalizations are now from people who have not taken the vaccine.

Which…well…is that surprising? Even those who don’t want to take the vaccine aren’t going to be shocked by that. If you don’t take the vaccine then sure, you might be exposed to COVID-19 more easily, but the question is whether you think it’s worth the risk. For many people, the risk of getting (and likely recovering from) COVID is worth it to avoid taking a vaccine that was developed in record time.

Some have, however, speculated that the data is wrong.

Breitbart notes that data from the Centers for Disease Control show that more than 181 million people in the United States have already received at least one dose of the vaccine, which is 54.7% of the population. 156 million Americans are now fully vaccinated.

Combined with the people who have already naturally recovered from the virus, it seems like the United States could be well on the way to herd immunity.