Hillary Clinton Makes Insane Claim About Climate

At COP28, Hillary Clinton claimed that possibly half a million people lost their lives to climate change in 2022. Especially pregnant women, she claimed.

A report comically suggests that one would expect that climate change is sexist as well, as Clinton feels similarly about the lack of female participants in the climate change scheme.
Reema Nanavaty, director of the Self Employed Women’s Association, a trade union representing 2.5 million informal women workers throughout India, was present on Health Day at Cop28 with Clinton.

Eleni Myrivili, the United Nations Habitat chief heat officer and a member of the Arsht-Rock Foundation, also joined them on stage.

The absence of female negotiators at COP28 is very concerning, according to Clinton, who also noted that the trend has swung against women’s views being heard in the last several years.

At an event at the Dubai Expo complex, the former US Secretary of State told a crowded audience that many of the states represented at COP are male-dominated and asked what they could do to ensure women’s voices are acknowledged.

She went on to say that we should be wary because women are now going against the grain and that, in many places of the globe, the tide has shifted against women.

The event that Clinton was speaking at brought attention to the increasing effects of extreme temperatures on women and girls in marginalized areas, as well as the vital role that women’s leadership plays in combating the alleged climate catastrophe.

The twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate brought up the resistance to women’s rights, citing a recent speech by Chinese leader Xi Jinping that encouraged women to get married and have children.

The report explains that Clinton claims women should only attend social engineering conferences where they can rally support for enforcing techno-serfdom on a worldwide scale. But not all women. The kind of women who are accepted into the ruling class’s technocratic elite.