Hated Liberal Juan Williams Finally Leaving Fox News

(PresidentialWire.com)- Juan Williams, the infuriating liberal co-host of “The Five” on Fox News, announced on Wednesday that he’s finally leaving the show.

Perhaps he’d find a better fit over at CNN…

Williams announced the news during the “One More Thing” part of the show, saying that he planned on remaining in Washington, D.C., when the show moves back to its old studio at the Fox News headquarters in New York City. The move is expected to take place soon, with The Five returning to the old studio on June 1.

It marks the end of disruptions to normal programming because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Williams said that the pandemic taught him a “lot of lessons” but that he won’t be returning to New York. Whatever that means.

Williams also thanked the viewers for sticking with the show, noting how The Five’s popularity has grown and grown every single year.

Does he think people were tuning in to see him?

“Thank you so much to you, the viewers,” he said.

Vice president of weekend programming and “The Five,” Megan Albano, confirmed the news that Williams would not be remaining on the show and said that he plans to stay in D.C. to be closer to his family.

It could well be true…or it could be a good excuse to finally get rid of Williams, who is known for regularly defending far-left Democrats and President Joe Biden seemingly to spite former President Donald Trump.

Albano said that Juan’s request to remain in Washington, D.C. was accommodated and that it was determined that he could not remain as part of a roundtable in-studio program remotely on a lon-term basis. She added that Fox will miss his “insightful contributions” every night and that they look forward to welcoming him on the set whenever he’s in New York.

Meanwhile, Williams will stay on as a senior political analyst, meaning we’re still likely to see him on our screens every now and again…