Harris Poll: Trump Would Beat Biden if Vote Today

(PresidentialWire.com)- A Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll released on Monday revealed how former President Donald Trump would easily beat President Joe Biden if a rematch of last year’s presidential election were held right now.

The poll showed how 48% of respondents would turn out and vote for the former president, while only 45% said that they would vote for President Joe Biden. Eight percent of voters couldn’t decide how they would vote.

When broken down by gender, women were at 46% each, while men preferred Trump to Biden by 50% to 43%.

Remember how the Democrats would say Trump does badly with women voters? Last year’s election and this recent poll show otherwise. Trump is still clearly on the minds of the American people, and only a year into the job, Joe Biden can’t keep the confidence of the country.

Biden managed to remain the preference among urban voters, with a 20 percentage point lead. Trump, however, led by an even greater margin of 33 percentage points among rural voters.

The same pollsters also found that, should Trump intend to run for office again, he’s unlikely to face any serious primary challengers given how 67% of Republicans currently say they’ll support him. Second behind Trump is former Vice President Mike Pence with 9% support, and Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis at with 8% support.

Biden ran on the promise of improving on the work Trump did – and even trashing the incredible economic gains made under the Trump administration – but so far, all he’s done is cause damage.

From the rising cost of gas and food to the crisis on the border, it’s clear the American voters are longing for a return to the days of the Trump administration.