Harris Plane Forced To Land

(PresidentialWire.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris has finally left the country as part of her special mission to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.

But it wasn’t without hiccups.

On Sunday, Harris was forced to return to Joint Base Andrews after the aircraft she was due to fly on experienced a “technical issue.”

Symone Sanders, the vice president’s chief spokeswoman, said that Harris switched plans to visit Guatemala City but that there were “no major safety concerns.”

Harris was asked by reporters due to travel on the plane with her whether she was ok, to which she responded with a thumbs-up and a “we’re good.”

“We all said a little prayer,” she said.


A reporter who was on the plane at the time said that they heard a strange noise coming from the landing gear underneath the plane when they took off, but that they were absolutely fine when they landed back at the airbase.

It turned out that the landing gear wasn’t being stored properly underneath the plane, and the issue is now being fixed by mechanics.

Harris eventually hopped on another plane and flew to Guatemala City, the first destination for her whistle-stop tour to tell illegal aliens not to travel to the United States – something that she and her Democratic colleagues in the Senate were calling racist less than a year ago.

The vice president gave a speech in Guatemala telling illegal immigrants “do not come.”

She added that the United States will continue to enforce its laws and secure the border, but her comments are in stark contrast to the actions taken by President Joe Biden on his first day in the White House…namely his illegal decision to stop construction of the wall despite the funding having already been allocated.

When will Kamala Harris visit the border and see the chaos for herself?