Hannity Says Biden Becoming “Most Unpopular President To Ever Serve”

(PresidentialWire.com)- During his opening monologue Wednesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity said that Joe Biden is rapidly becoming the least popular President to ever serve.

Blasting Biden for his congenital dishonesty and corruption, Hannity said Joe Biden is not qualified to be President of the United States. Nor, it appears, is Joe Biden even in charge of his administration. Hannity blasted Biden for being “asleep at the wheel” while his administration is controlled by the radical socialists in the Democrat party.

Then Hannity warned that if these radical socialists get their way, “America will never be the same.”

Watch Hannity’s monologue HERE.

Joe Biden might not be the least popular president yet, but he certainly is heading in that direction. The problem with Biden is he is weak, ineffectual and incapable of leading. This isn’t a new development brought on by his ever-worsening cognitive decline. Joe Biden has always been a mediocre, corrupt, dishonest politician.

But now his weakness and incompetence are causing real-world damage and loss of life.

Hannity is right about one thing — clearly Joe Biden is not the guy in charge of this White House.

His handlers tell him what reporters to call on. They tell him when he is and isn’t allowed to take questions. Even on Friday, when Joe Biden hurried to the House to meet with Democrats in an effort to save his foolishly named “Build Back Better” agenda, his staffers prevented him from taking questions from Democrat members.

While he ran for President as a “moderate,” Biden’s administration is populated by radical leftists all of whom are promoting their own radical causes.

Even some reporters are beginning to wonder who exactly is in charge at the White House.

In reality, it doesn’t look like anyone is in charge.

As columnist Kurt Schlichter pointed out over the summer, the White House appears to be a “patchwork quilt of bureaucrats, politicos, and social media blue checks” who are all pushing their own personal “fetishes.” In short, the “buck” stops at nobody. And this lack of a single, uniform agenda headed up by an actual Chief Executive has resulted in an administration in chaos and president in freefall.

The danger, of course, is this free-falling President will drag the rest of the country down with him.