Hamas Terrorist Who Mutilated Body Confirmed Killed

Over three weeks after Hamas’ deadly terror spree throughout southern Israel, the Israeli authorities confirmed the death of a young German-Israeli lady to her family. On October 7, 2018, members of the terrorist group Hamas opened fire on a music event in the southern Israeli desert, not far from the border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, killing at least one person, identified as Shani Louk.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry informed Louk’s family of her passing and then shared a statement of condolence on social media.

According to a post by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on X, Ricarda Louk “in her public interaction with me” said that the IDF had murdered the “Hamas terrorist monster who parades her nude body about Gaza, defiling her in the name of Islam, and yelling Allahu Akbar.”

Ricarda Louk claimed that she was told the terrorist who violated her 22-year-old daughter at the Supernova music festival was killed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) without elaborating how she knew. She expressed relief at the death of the Hamas terrorist who was responsible for the public display of her daughter’s body in Gaza, but with the caveat that “it’s just one fewer” of those guilty for the tragedy.

The 53-year-old mother said it didn’t matter; so many evil individuals committed those dreadful things, and it’s only one less.

The bereaved mother also encouraged Israel to reach an arrangement with Hamas to release 4,450 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of the around 240 hostages being held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Louk, who was paraded through the streets of Gaza after the terrorist attack on the music event outside Kibbutz Re’im on October 7, was identified by DNA obtained on a fragment of her skull, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said late last month.

A German source claimed that she was being treated in a Gaza hospital after her kidnapping spurred optimism that she was harmed but still alive.

Louk spent her early years in Portland, Oregon, where she started kindergarten at the Jewish Portland Academy before moving to Israel.