Greg Gutfeld Says It’s “BS” For Others To Force You To Muzzle Up

( Greg Gutfeld, the popular Fox News comedian and commentator, went head to head with far-left commentator Geraldo Rivera during a recent episode of The Five. Gutfeld slammed Rivera for his support of creeping authoritarian rules being imposed by Democrat governors and state legislators. Telling him, “I’m not allowing you to tell me to wear a mask!”

On Tuesday, the discussion focused on liberal writer Bari Weiss’ recent appearance on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” show on HBO. She expressed her concern about continued authoritarian COVID policies and announced that she is “done with COVID.”

It drove liberals up the wall, with CNN commentators galore seething over her comments.

Rivera chimed in and said that while he likes both Maher and Weiss, he agrees with left-wing “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg. He then repeated Goldberg’s recent line about Weiss: “How dare you be so flippant?”

It was a bizarre claim because anybody who actually watched Weiss’ interview with Maher knows that she expressed her concern about what the pandemic was doing to younger people and vulnerable people. She didn’t for a moment talk about what restrictions were doing…to her.

Weiss referenced rising rates of young girls hurting themselves as a result of the pandemic and many other cases of people struggling because of the way left-wing politicians have behaved.

He then engaged in a heated discussion with Jeanine Pirro, the latest addition to The Five’s lineup. She noted how schools are segregating children and making them wear masks even when governors say they shouldn’t.

Gutfeld then chimed in, lambasting Rivera:

“Effective risk management is not flippant. I don’t see anything flippant about that. When the risk is minuscule, if you understand risk management, you become the adult in the room and you make the decision. It’s the person,” he started, before Rivera jumped in and said, “you can’t make the decision for me.”

Gutfeld said that, yes, he can actually make that decision.

“I’m not allowing you to tell me to wear a mask,” he said.

You can watch the heated exchange below:

It’s starting to look like most of the country is on Gutfeld and Weiss’ side on this…