Grand Jury Subpoenas Rudy Giuliani

( Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County in Georgia, asked for a special grand jury in January as part of her investigation into former President Donald Trump’s attempts to invalidate Georgia’s rigged 2020 election results.

The call between President Trump and Georgian authorities, later altered and published on the Washington Post fake news website, served as the basis for Fani Willis’ study. WaPo released a text of the call that was wholly false.

On January 20, Willis wrote a letter to the Chief Judge of the Fulton County Superior Court.

Once more, Willis and her handlers are looking into a now-famous phone call between former President Trump and Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger, during which Trump allegedly pressured Raffensperger to persuade the Georgia SOS to look into alleged election fraud that would invalidate Georgia’s results.

Brad Raffensperger, the secretary of state for Georgia, and his office taped the controversial phone call between President Trump and Raffensperger. Then, while lying about it, Raffensperger’s team revealed it to the far-left Washington Post. It was published on January 9, 2021, only days before the mock Trump impeachment trial.

David Shafer, the Republican Party of Georgia’s chairman, tweeted this as soon as it was revealed that they had all been caught lying about the phone call.

When Willis distributed her letter on January 20, she made a mistake. In her letter, Willis states that she is “looking into the facts and circumstances pertaining directly to suspected attempts to interfere with the proper administration of the 2020 election.”

According to local news reports from May, a grand jury has been chosen to look into Fani Willis’ baseless accusations against President Trump.

This month, the sleazy governor Brian Kemp will participate in the fake probe.

On Tuesday, the grand jury summoned Rudy Giuliani and Lindsey Graham.

The left continues to focus heavily on Rudy. They despise patriotic Americans and upright citizens.

On Tuesday, Mediaite provided an update on Rudy’s summons. The far-left website employs wording that has previously been refuted in its report. Dem falsehoods never go away.

Mediaite claimed the emphasis of the probe is for actions taken by Trump and his friends to exert pressure on Georgia election authorities to annul the results and even “discover” Trump votes for him to win the state in the 2020 presidential election.

The left falsely charged that on January 2, 2021, Trump was heard on audio urging Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” him 11,780 votes to win the state. Raffensperger reportedly described the discussion as menacing.

If repeated often enough, falsehoods become fact.