Graham Reveals Many Family Members Aren’t Working Because Of Unemployment

( Senator Lindsey Graham pushed Shalanda Young, the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, to explore the massive impact that spending additional federal dollars on unemployment is happening on the job market.

The Republican senator for South Carolina pressed Young to consider the reality that the continuation of the federal government’s additional $300-per-week payments to those receiving unemployment benefits is having on the job market. He urged during a senate hearing to cancel the program, which is due to expire by September, and encourage workers to get back out into the job market and help the economy recover.

During the hearing, Graham said that there are many jobs currently unfilled and that will never be filled unless the benefit structure is changed.

“Does that logic make sense to you, given where we’re at in our economy?” he asked.

Currently, the additional unemployment benefits do not require recipients to prove that they are actively searching for work to receive the benefits. Some states, like Texas, for instance, have already refused to accept further funding. Washington’s state leaders also announced this week that it will once again require recipients to prove that they are actively searching for a job to receive the benefits.

It all makes sense given that the number of jobs available in Texas last month was roughly the same as the number of people in the state receiving unemployment benefits.

Young responded by saying that she understands…but that she has never met anybody so far who would “prefer not to work.”

That has to be a lie, right?

Senator Graham immediately interrupted her and told her that he even knows members of his own family who aren’t working because they’re receiving too good a deal from the government.

It’s a story Senator Graham knows very well, and a story millions of Americans are all too familiar with, too.

President Joe Biden extended the massive $300 additional benefits through to September, and there has been no indication that it will definitely end at that point.

Is he really so bitter about former President Trump’s massive success on the economy that he’s willing to sabotage it out of spite?