Goya CEO‘s EXCLUSIVELY Reacts To Hate Over Trump Support, And White House’s Plan To Help Hispanics

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Daily Caller’s senior White House correspondent sat down with Goya CEO Bob Unanue for a wide-ranging, exclusive interview at the White House. Unanue spoke exclusively about the outpouring of criticism he received — and orchestrated boycotts against his company from the left — after delivering remarks in support of President Donald Trump this past summer. Ultimately, he said he wasn’t surprised he was criticized, but he also delivered some advice to those critical of his and Goya’s efforts to help the country during the pandemic simply over political battle lines. The conversation also touched on what Goya is doing to properly reopen its manufacturing facilities in a way that properly mitigates the further spread of coronavirus and his partnership with the Trump administration on the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, which held its first meeting at the White House this past week.