Governor Cuomo Tells Trump To FORCE All Americans to Wear A Mask

( Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo said on Monday that he thinks President Donald Trump should use his executive powers to force every single American to wear a mask.

Imagine that. An American president telling Americans they must cover their faces when they leave their homes, or face legal or criminal penalty…

Cuomo, who has been widely criticized for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in New York, said the president should sign an executive order that forces all people to wear a mask, telling Trump to also “lead by example” by wearing one too. If Cuomo thinks he knows how to handle a pandemic, perhaps he should have used that wisdom when his state government send COVID patients to nursing homes across the state, resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths.

During a Monday press briefing, Cuomo said that Trump and his administration “should start telling the people of this country the truth” about how much of a threat the virus is. He didn’t explain what gave him the impression Trump doesn’t believe COVID poses a genuine threat, however. President Donald Trump formed the White House Coronavirus Task Force on the same day that the virus was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, and he recently reformed the task force after a significant rise in COVID cases were observed in Texas and Florida.

“To start simply, the president can do two things,” Cuomo said. “First, sign an executive order directing everyone to wear a mask.”

“How we’re at this point as a nation and we still haven’t done the simple, easy, minimal step of saying you must wear a mask when you are in public,” Cuomo pondered. “And the president doesn’t have to pass a piece of legislation, doesn’t have to call the Congress. Just sign an executive order saying wear a mask.”

Cuomo cited the fact that he did it two months ago in New York, and other states are following suit. He didn’t address, however, the fact that law enforcement officers are refusing to endorse the rule because it presents the possibility of escalating tensions needlessly if they ultimately have to arrest people for not wearing a mask in public.