Gov Cuomo Pushes Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theory And Says Trump Deserves NO CREDIT For Quick Development

( Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo yet again peddled anti-vaccine conspiracy theories this week, suggesting that pharmaceutical companies were only interested in making money by pushing out potentially dangerous vaccines quickly. Cuomo also took the opportunity to attack President Donald Trump, claiming he doesn’t deserve any credit for the fact that the vaccines produced by Pfizer and other companies were developed in a record-breaking time.

Cuomo, who is currently promoting a new book written about his leadership during COVID, said that Trump had “nothing to do” with the development of the virus and suggested the experts who developed the vaccine cared only about the money.

“You didn’t need Trump to tell the vaccine companies you should develop a vaccine. He had nothing to do with it,” he inaccurately claimed during a radio interview on Hot 97.

Cuomo failed to acknowledge Operation Warp Speed, a federal government program overseen by the president that cut red tape and made purchase commitments to several large pharmaceutical companies to encourage them to develop a vaccine in record time.

“Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, they all know this is billions of dollars, whoever gets to the market first,” he said. “So it’s in their economic interest to push this fast.”

It is also in their economic interest to develop a vaccine that works. Which, according to extensive medical studies, they do. On November 9, Pfizer announced that their vaccine had been fully tested and was 90% effective at preventing people from catching the virus. Days later, they confirmed that it was actually 95% effective at preventing infections in senior citizens.

Moderna, a pharmaceutical company that developed the vaccine with cooperation from Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, also announced that its vaccine was 94.%% effective. 20 million doses of the life-saving vaccine will be made available by the end of the year.

President Donald Trump was attacked relentlessly by the Democrats and the press before the election for suggesting that there could be a vaccine before the end of the year, and now that it’s here, Andrew Cuomo seems to be obsessed with discrediting it.

Just like how Senator Kamala Harris said she wouldn’t take the vaccine if it was developed under President Trump.

Governor Andrew Cuomo previously said that he would hold off from authorizing the vaccine, saying he wanted to appoint a committee to review its safety. However, he suggested during an interview that Trump may “push” him to authorize it as soon as January.

Why would a governor not want his state residents to have access to a life-saving vaccine?