Gov. Cuomo Admits Trump Was RIGHT to Target WHO

(PresidentialWire.Com)- The moment President Donald Trump committed to defunding the World Health Organization while a full investigation into their conduct over the coronavirus outbreak takes place, the Democrats pounced.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, however, chose not to. On Friday, the Democratic governor admitted that President Trump took the right action in response to the WHO’s failings in keeping world governments informed about the progress of the viral outbreak.

“Whose job is it to warn us of these global pandemics?” Cuomo said. “The president says it’s the World Health Organization and that’s why he’s taken action against them. Not my field, but he’s right to ask the question because this was too little, too late,” he added.

Comments like that are unlikely to be welcomed by many in the Democratic Party. Just last week, a state representative for Georgia told the media he was being hounded and harassed by local party activists and officials for endorsing President Trump over Joe Biden. The harassment was so bad he initially announced he would resign, but later decided to stay in office and see out his term.

Cuomo went on to explain why he thinks it’s important to hold the WHO to account.

“Let’s find out what happened so it doesn’t happen again,” he said. “And it will happen again. Bank on it. Let’s not put our head in the sand and say this is the only global pandemic that we’ll ever have to deal with.”

This is in quite stark contrast to comments made by Democrat-supporting news network CNN. On April 8, the media outlet published a piece that described the president’s actions as “crass.”

“Trump’s unexpected tirade against the WHO – delivered on World Health Day, which honors frontline health workers – may be written off by some as just another crass attempt by the President to throw his base red meat. If that is the case, doing so in the midst of an unprecedented global public health emergency is disgusting and dangerous,” a CNN reporter claimed.

Is it true?

Probably not. When even Democrats – and high profile ones at that – are coming forward and saying Trump did the right thing, you know the criticism is most likely just hysteria.