GOP Women Run For House In Midterms With Shocking Decision

( According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, more Republican women than ever before have announced their intention to run for a seat in the House of Representatives in this midterm cycle than ever before.

The report reveals how an increasing interest in politics from Republican women is fueling confidence in the GOP’s plan to send more women to the House of Representatives following a strong showing in 2020s’ election cycle.

It’s a warning shot for Democrats who have long assumed that they are the party of women and minorities. Democrats may have long had the most female Members of Congress, but that could all be able to change.

In 2020’s election, Republican female candidates ran some of the most hotly-watched and anticipated campaigns. Not only that, but out of the 14 seats that the Republicans took from the Democrats, 11 of those who took the seats were women. It means that Republicans now have 31 female members of the House of Representatives compared to just 13 in the last Congress.

Democrats have got to be scared about this, right?

2022 could be a massive year for Republicans, not just with the prospect of bringing more women into the House but the extremely high chance that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could finally be booted from her position and Republicans take back control of the Chamber. It would mean that President Joe Biden has a harder time passing extremist legislation in Congress, and cripple him in the last two years of his presidency.

Let’s just hope that these plans aren’t impacted by election fraud or misconduct…because we’ve all seen how easily that can happen.