Gop Leader Hammers Colleagues Over McCarthy

A report shows Ohio Republican Bill Johnson wasted no time blasting the eight Republicans and Democrats who conspired to remove Republican Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House in an interview.

On “National Report,” Johnson said it was terrible that this gang of ” vandals” collaborated with the Democrats to overthrow the Republican speaker. The bright side is that the Republicans have a chance to rise to the occasion.

Johnson attempted to shun the eight who voted against McCarthy publicly. He said it was time for some of these people to make up their minds and determine if they were Republicans or something else. They don’t behave like Republicans at all. I’m upset that they went with that option, but I’m certain that we’ll sort it out.

Reports reveal that Biggs, Rosendale, Buck, Burchett, Crane, Gaetz, Good, and Mace were the eight Republicans who voted to remove McCarthy.
Days after Kevin McCarthy’s ouster, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) declared his candidacy for Speaker of the House.
Rep. Gaetz posted on X, showing his support for his “mentor,” Jim Jordan.

Late last Thursday night, President Trump announced his support for Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) in his bid for Speaker of the House.

Troy Nehls, a representative from Wisconsin, endorsed Jordan and announced the news on X. Nehls said he had a great talk with President Trump regarding the Speaker’s race. The party’s head has come out supporting Jim Jordan, and the legislature should take note.

Reports show Representative Jim Jordan said that he and former President Donald Trump had discussed Jordan’s campaign for Speaker of the House.

Jordan would not commit one way or another when asked whether he would support amending House rules to enable a single member to file a motion to dismiss a Speaker. As for whether or not the rule should be changed, he stated it was a conference decision. He would be in favor of doing it if the conference voted for it.