GOP lawmaker apologizes to CBC chair for allegedly telling her to ‘kiss my a–‘

( On Tuesday, Kentucky Republican Congressman Hal Rogers was forced to apologize to Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman Joyce Beatty (D-OH) after she kicked up a fuss over Rogers allegedly telling her to kiss his ass when she asked him to wear a mask before boarding a train inside Capitol Hill.

In a statement Tuesday, Rogers said he met with Beatty to apologize to her personally. He called his choice of words unacceptable and said he “expressed my regret to her, first and foremost.”

Rogers’ apology came after a huffy Beatty rushed to Twitter to tattle about the incident. Naturally, she portrayed herself as a victim and Rogers as a vicious bully, saying all she did was “respectfully” ask Rogers to put on a mask and he “poked my back, demanding I get on the train.” She said when she told him not to touch her, Rogers “responded, ‘kiss my a–.’”

But Beatty wasn’t done. She then linked Rogers’ remark to a larger “kind of disrespect we have been fighting for years.” She also claimed this silly incident is “indicative of the larger issue” of Republican members “flaunting health and safety mandates designed to keep us and our staff safe.”

Okay, Karen.

But because Beatty is the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, the CBC also had to get in on the action, taking time out from their endless get-rich-quick schemes to hold an impromptu press conference to express their outrage.

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) made it all about Beatty being a black woman. Big surprise there.

Lawrence accused Rogers of harassment for allegedly “poking” Beatty in the back while telling her “to kiss a part of his body.” Then Lawrence meandered off into the weeds, saying as “a little black girl from the east side of Detroit” she wouldn’t take that kind of harassment “standing or sitting” so she won’t take it when “one of our own” is “disrespected.”

From the hyper-dramatic overreaction, you’d think Rogers beat Beatty to a pulp and shoved her from the train.

But the CBC isn’t actually outraged over this non-event. It’s all performative.

Just like everything else the Democrats do, the CBC is only turning this molehill into a mountain to have yet another opportunity to portray Republican lawmakers as racist.