GOP Governor Signs Bill To Thwart Biden’s Crackdown

( Republican Governor of Idaho Brad Little signed new legislation on Monday designed to stop at least six new executive actions pushed by President Joe Biden to further restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

The new measure was passed in the House and Senate with huge veto-proof majorities and then moved on to an emergency notice, meaning as soon as Governor Little signed it, it became law.

And not only does the new law stop Biden executive actions from restricting Idaho residents’ gun rights, but it’s retroactive to January 20 – the day he was inaugurated and signed piles of new executive orders.

It effectively means that, at least for now, Idaho residents have the same rights that they had under the Trump administration. How long that will last, however, is anybody’s guess. We’ve all seen how dedicated Biden is to stamping out the Second Amendment.

Specifically, the new legislation stops government entities and agencies in Idaho from enforcing the new executive orders and federal laws put in place under the Biden administration if they contradict the Idaho Constitution.

This is the same state that passed a law in 2014 stopping the state government from enforcing any federal laws that infringe on Second Amendment rights.

It sounds like Idaho is the place to be if you don’t want your guns taken away…

The same day, Governor Little also signed House Bill 380 into law which provided $220 million in one-time income tax rebates, and a further $163 million in continued income tax relief.

A press release from Little’s office described it as the “single largest tax cut in state history” when combined with another tax conformity bill passed earlier this session.

It’s great progress for now, but who wants to bet President Biden will try and interfere over the next four years?