Google’s Autocorrect Code Shows They Approved “Replacing” The Word Woman

( Breitbart News received leaked material that reveals the algorithms Google has rolled out for those using Google Docs that offers replacement suggestions for common words like “man,” “woman,” and “master” to make your document more inclusive and gender-neutral.

These suggested replacements from Google are similar to changes Microsoft made to Word, offering not just spelling and grammatical checks, but “woke” suggestions as well.

In addition to “man,” Google also suggests replacing “manhole” with “maintenance hole.” For the word “motherhood,” Google offers “experience with being a parent or guardian.” Yes, that just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

According to the Google source who supplied the information to Breitbart, the “Woke” feature is so problematic and error-prone that Google plans to roll it back.

When Google first announced the feature in April, it provided few details on how it would work, only saying it would flag “discriminatory and inappropriate language” and offer “inclusive” alternatives.

Breitbart included an array of screen captures that provide a peek into Google’s Woke feature. You can view them HERE.

The objective is clear.

Ordinarily, language evolves naturally over time. But what Google is trying to do is force language to move in the direction it prefers. The company certainly isn’t alone in this. The ideological left is working jointly to rid our language of any “problematic” realities like male and female or mother and father.

But the heavy-handed way they go about it exposes the insanity of it all.

When even a far-left publication like Vice is pointing out how Google’s feature goes too far, that should be a big, red flag.

After Vice did a trial of the new feature, it noted that quotes from speeches by Martin Luther King Jr. were getting flagged for non-inclusive language.