Google Whistleblower Exposes Major Scheme Targeting Donald Trump

( A whistleblower from Google just came forward and revealed the way search engine giant Google worked against former President Donald Trump in the last two elections. He confirmed suspicions that Republicans have had for years that Google’s search engine is biased against conservatives.

In a new book, Zach Vorhies reveals what he saw during his time working for Google. He told The Epoch Times in an interview that Google tailored the news algorithm to share harmful content about former President Donald Trump, and do the opposite for Democrat candidates.

It confirms that Google is no longer a viable source for honest news for Americans – and that perhaps it never really was.

The book, “Google Leaks: An Expose of Big Tech Censorship,” reveals some of the most shocking secrets about Google that Vorhies says confirms what has been dismissed as conspiracy theories by some Democrats. He told The Epoch Times that he aimed to “take conspiracy theory and turn it into conspiracy fact” by explaining in detail the practices used by Google to hurt Republicans on its search engine and on YouTube, its video sharing platform.

You can see a clip of that interview below:

Vorhies said that people suspect something is happening, and that they are right to believe it. He said that certain keywords trigger something in Google’s algorithm and that whenever people come across content related to former President Donald Trump, they are encouraged to read older articles that contain negative stories about him.

He even said that Google has “like a graph, a tree,” and this graph forms a “super-story” that spans a period of eight-day. An example of this he gave relates to the James Comey investigation into false claims that Trump colluded with Russia, where negative stories were constantly boosted by folding them into news stories relating to the Comey investigation.

Isn’t this election interference?