Google Says It Mistakenly Removed Video Of World Leader

( YouTube removed a video of incoming Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s speech in 2019 for breaking community guidelines Wednesday.

According to reports, the speech, which discussed her vision for the Brothers of Italy Party, was restored after the Daily Caller News Foundation and other media outlets pressed YouTube to explain the act of censorship. After review, YouTube decided the video did not break “community guidelines,” yet it is still unclear what motivated the initial removal.

YouTube stated that upon careful review, they determined this video was not violative of Community Guidelines and have reinstated it.  YouTube spokesperson Ivy Choi said they enforce policies regardless of the speaker’s political views, and when it’s brought to their attention that a video has been mistakenly removed, they review the content and take appropriate action, including restoring the relevant videos or channels.

In the speech, Meloni touched on many of the issues her party represents while also paying particular attention to the importance of family.

In the video, Meloni stated that some people say it’s scandalous for people to defend the natural family founded on marriage, to increase the birth rate, place value on human life, support freedom in education, and say no to gender ideology.

Melon asked why is the family an enemy. Why is the family so frightening? We are defined by it. Because that is who we are. Because those who want us to lose our identities and become nothing more than ideal consumer slaves view everything that makes us who we are as adversaries.  She believes that is why they attack national identity, religious identity, gender, and family.

She then explained that as an Italian Christian woman and mother, she could not identify who she was.  They want you to be parent 1, parent 2, gender x, and citizen x.  When you are just a number, you are the ideal slave at the whim of financial speculators. When you have no identity, when you have no roots, you are the perfect consumer.

Meloni shot a canon across the elites’ bow. That’s why they took the video down.