GLENN GREENWALD: Biden’s Foreign Policy, Censorship & January 6th

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Daily Caller White House correspondent Christian Datoc sits down with Wall Street guru and CEO of Farvahar Partners Omeed Malik for a new episode of “WALL STREET MEETS WASHINGTON.” It’s the only show that breaks down the Beltway’s economic updates for both financial VIPs and everyday Americans looking for market tips. This week, Datoc and Malik sat down with journalist Glenn Greenwald for an exclusive, hour-long interview on three major topics: foreign policy, the rise of new media, and domestic terrorism squaring off with the police state. The foreign policy conversation centered on two major storylines: President Joe Biden’s airstrikes against Iranian-backed targets in Syria and his decision to sanction Saudi Arabian officials. Was either of these good ideas? What are the dovetailing effects of both? Greenwald, a founding editor of The Intercept, left traditional journalism in October to launch his own Substack newsletter, and he fielded questions on how new media tools are giving journalists new avenues to fight against corporate media. Still, the money involved makes this an uphill battle, and Greenwald explained what still needs to be done to restore public trust in journalism. Finally, the group took a step back and examined the January 6 Capitol riot, the potential for police-state crackdowns in response to domestic terrorism on both the right and the left, and what steps politicians, corporations, and private citizens can take to move the country away from the edge.