George Soros Wins Dangerous Victory With Latest Ruling

Last week, the US Department of Education announced a proposed rule change to Title IX that would prevent any public school or college that receives federal funding from barring so-called “transgender” athletes from playing on the teams that match their so-called “gender identity.” And according to Fox News, the proposed rule mirrors an action memo from the far-left advocacy group Governing for Impact (GFI).

According to Fox, GFI worked with the Department of Education behind the scenes to craft its new Title IX rule which may explain why much of the proposal is similar to a memo GFI previously submitted to the department.

In its memo, GFI argued for the Department of Education to implement Title IX regulations that include gender identity, sexual orientation, and “transgender status.” The memo suggests that schools should be required to “treat students consistent with their gender identity” in implementing Title IX to prevent discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

According to Fox News, Governing for Impact receives funding from the Open Society Foundations network. Open Society is a group run by billionaire George Soros.

Since 2019, GFI received nearly $10 million from the Foundation to Promote Open Society. Additionally, the Open Society Policy Center gave $7.45 million to GFI’s action fund.

According to the Biden Department of Education, while the proposed rule change will prevent schools from keeping boys out of girls’ sports, it will permit some “flexibility” for schools “to develop their own participation policies.”

For schools to limit or ban boys from playing on girls’ teams, the ban must be related to an “important educational objective” and must “minimize” the harm to the supposed trans student.

For example, if a school imposes a ban to prevent sports-related injuries or to maintain “fairness in competition,” this would be considered an “important educational objective.”

If approved, the proposed rule would apply to all public schools, colleges, and universities that receive federal funding.