George Soros Operative Hired Felon For Top Role

( Buta Biberaj, the George Soros-backed Loudon County Commonwealth Attorney for Virginia, reportedly hired a registered sex offender as a paralegal. The shocking report comes from local news outlet FOX5 D.C.

The revelation came from a Freedom of Information Act Request which found that Loudoun County hired a man, which the news outlet only named as John, to help him “rebuild his life after five years in prison.”

The man was caught with over 600 images of child pornography on his computer. He spoke to FOX about the job, however, and revealed that he was fired a few days later when his probation officer asked his employers to confirm he was working there. That’s when his criminal record was revealed.

On the one hand, Loudon County Commonwealth Attorney Biberaj’s office did fire him – but on the other hand, this man had access to “every closed case for a number of years.”

It means that a man of questionable judgment (to say the least) had access to highly sensitive information about a number of legal cases across the county.

Biberaj refused to answer questions about the story, but did offer a statement to FOC, explaining that they “cannot comment on personnel matters.”

The statement said that applicants for employment are reviewed through the Loudoun County Human Resources processes and are later referred to the OCA. All offers of employment, the statement said, are contingent on a background check and a probationary period.

Biberaj is one of a multitude of prosecutors in the United States backed by billionaire left-wing philanthropist and political donor George Soros, who gave her 2019 campaign almost $660,000 from his Justice and Public Safety PAC.