George Santos Breaks His Silence!

( According to a report, controversial House Republican George Santos stated that claims that he once gave amateur drag shows under the name Kitara Revache in Brazil were categorically false.

According to Santos, the media’s most recent obsession that he is a drag queen or has performed as one is categorically false. He said that while he is working to produce results, the media keeps making outrageous claims about his life, but he won’t let this deter or bother him.

Reports show that Santos denied the claim on Twitter after MSNBC columnist Marisa Kabas made it public on Wednesday.  Kabas tweeted a hazy photo purporting to show Santos alongside the name “Kitara Revache” and claiming to have spoken with drag queen Eula Rochard, who used to be friends with Santos.

No one has confirmed that the person in the photo with Rochard was Santos.

Kabas tweeted that Eula Rochard, a Brazilian drag performer, and George Santos were friends when they lived near Rio. Kabas claimed to have spoken to him on the phone through a translator. Rochard claimed everyone knew him as Anthony, not George, or by his drag name, Kitara. Rochard claimed the photo was taken at an Icara Beach drag show in 2008.

According to Kabas, because they were both gay and enjoyed drag, Eula claims that he first met Santos when he was 16 or 17 years old. Eula was confident it was Santos when she saw a news report about him in Brazil. When he told his friends the news, they all doubted him. So he searched for an old photograph to confirm and posted it online.

Reports reveal that key members of the Nassau County Republican Committee demanded Santos resign.  They claimed he had disgraced the House of Representatives after the media had discovered that a large portion of Santos’s resume had been made up. Information about his upbringing, education, and career history was false.

Santos stated that he regretted hearing that local officials are unwilling to collaborate with his office to produce results that will keep his community safe and lower the cost of living. He said he was elected to serve the people of #NY03, not the party and politicians. He remains committed to doing that, and he will not step down.