Gameshow Contestant Publicly Humiliated After Incorrect Answer

In a recent episode of the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune,” a contestant made a memorable and somewhat confusing guess during a triple toss-up puzzle. The contestant, Gishma Tabari, quickly became the subject of social media discussion, with many labeling her response as the “worst guess ever.”

Tabari spoke with Fox News Digital about her viral moment, admitting she was concerned about potentially saying something “stupid” on national television. Ironically, her fear became a reality during the show.

When presented with the partially revealed puzzle, “TH- -RITI-S_-GR-E,” Tabari’s guess about “The British Ogre” bewildered fans and viewers. Reflecting on her answer, Tabari explained that it was a product of her imagination at the time, but upon reflection, she admitted that it didn’t make much sense.

After realizing her mistake, Tabari knew she had given an incorrect answer. However, she was taken aback when host Pat Sajak asked her to repeat it. Despite realizing her error, Tabari reiterated her initial guess, which led to a humorous exchange with Sajak. The correct answer was “The Critics Agree,” a phrase far from Tabari’s imaginative response.

Tabari, a longtime viewer of “Wheel of Fortune,” had become a topic of conversation on social media following her viral moment. While some comments were mocking, Tabari chose to see the humor in the situation and laugh at herself. She acknowledged the hurtful comments but emphasized that people didn’t know her personally and she had more to her life than just one moment on television.

Despite the online commotion, Tabari achieved her goal of winning money on the show. In addition to a cash prize, she also won a cruise. Tabari and her husband, who coincidentally celebrated their two-month wedding anniversary on the day of taping, plan to enjoy a Disney cruise to the Bahamas as their honeymoon.

Reflecting on her experience, Tabari expressed that if she could redo the moment, she would aim to have more fun and be less anxious. She acknowledged that most of the comments she received were positive, and she was grateful for the support.

In the end, Tabari’s “worst guess ever” on “Wheel of Fortune” became a memorable moment that showcased her ability to laugh at herself and enjoy the unexpected twists that life can bring.