Franklin Graham Thanks God For Blessing This Nation On July 4th

( In a social media post on Monday, Franklin Graham celebrated Independence Day by urging Americans to offer thanks to God for blessing the country and to “stand firmly on His word.”

He asked Americans to pray that God would not remove “His hand of blessing on this nation,” adding that the country needs God’s “guidance, protection, and help.” He then shared a verse from Second Chronicles.

Meanwhile, during the White House Independence Day event, President Joe Biden forgot to close his remarks with the standard “God bless America.”

As he was wrapping up, First Lady Jill Biden had to remind the president to say “God bless America.” But rather than take her cue, Biden shoved the microphone in Jill’s face so she could say it.

Then again, the Democrat Party base isn’t just anti-American; they’re anti-God.

Maybe Biden didn’t forget to say “God bless America.” Maybe even senile old Joe knows that offering God’s blessing on the country won’t go over well with the people who spent July 4 at “F*ck the Fourth” protests.

A recent Gallup poll released in June found that belief in God is declining in America.

While 81 percent of Americans still say they believe in God, that is down 6 points from 2017 and 11 points from 2011.

But only 42 percent of Americans believe God hears and answers a person’s prayers.