France’s Kiss On Each Cheek As Greeting Could Be Gone Forever Due To COVID

( In France some people are feeling a bit forlorn that, in the post-COVID world, they might have to bid a fond adieu to the traditional “la bise” – the French style of greeting one another with a kiss on the cheek.

Yeah. That’s the worst thing happening to the French today. Not police harassing outdoor diners demanding to see their papers. Nope. Not being able to kiss each other on the cheek.

No wonder the French folded in World War Two.

At least now we know what country the resigning Andrew Cuomo won’t be moving to once he leaves office. Not being allowed to kiss everyone on the cheek just put France in the “Not Here” column.

Some in France are happy to see an end to the tradition that apparently began back when the Romans ruled. The editor of Vice News’ French bureau called the “la bise” tradition “violent” and “intrusive” — creating only misery.

Someone wasn’t kissed much as a child.

Of course in the #MeToo day and age where smiling at a woman is considered harassment, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that some French object to the tradition.

The French even ran a poll to see how people feel about sending “la bise” packing. A staggering 75 percent said they would continue to deploy the kiss, but only with people they were close to.

Surprisingly, “la bise” managed to survive the Black Death – the absolutely worst pandemic in the history of the world. Sure, the French gave it up temporarily. But by the French Revolution, it was back in vogue – mostly because the French believed the peck on the cheek reinforced the revolution’s values of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.

But what the Black Death couldn’t kill, the values of Métoo and distanciation sociale just might.

The truth is, COVID-19 is nothing but an excuse.

“La bise” is just the latest victim of progressive modernity. Traditions, however longstanding, are despised by so-called “progressives.” Whether it is something as innocuous as a peck on the cheek or as significant as national identity, all traditions must be destroyed.