France Deploys Tear Gas

( The French are known for protesting. For the last three years, most weekends in Paris have been plagued by violent unrest that has even seen cars and buildings set alight in protests against rising taxes. And now, the French are reportedly demonstrating the excessive COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the French government.

Reports suggest that police officers in Parison have fired tear gas at protestors over the last week, when 19,000 angry French people – from across the political divide – turned out to oppose the new rules put in place.

The protests started on the morning of Wednesday, when the annual French military parade was held on Bastille Day. President Emmanuel Macron was in attendance at the event, which was held at the Champs-Elysees.

Protestors came out in force, showing the president that the public does not support new measures that require all health workers to take the vaccine. The new rules also ban anybody who has not taken the vaccine from going to restaurants and bars or visiting public places.

In effect, the French government has implemented a two-tier system where some citizens have the right to go out in public, and others don’t.

Unvaccinated people could only go out in public and enjoy their life as normal if they continually take tests that can be presented when entering establishments.

You can see some footage from the intense protests below.

How long could it be before the American people get sick and tired of this? Democrats are known to protest too, but funnily enough, they don’t seem to be turning out against Democrat governors who have implemented the most strict lockdown rules in the country…