Fox’s Steve Harrigan Returns From Ukraine With Grim Message

( Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan, who has been reporting from Ukraine for the last few weeks, has returned to the states bringing grim tidings.

During an appearance on “America’s Newsroom” on Monday, Harrigan told co-hosts Julie Banderas and Bill Hemmer that the war is lost and Ukraine is “flattened.”

Harrigan described what he has seen on the ground in Ukraine over the last few weeks and offered his take on Ukraine’s prospects and what is in store for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Harrigan predicted that it might take years, but he believed the Russian people were going to rise up and overthrow Putin.

When it comes to Ukraine, Harrigan said, it’s “a done deal.” The country is flattened, he explained, the Ukrainians have lost.

The next story, he added, is going to be Russia where he believes the people will throw Putin out.

Harrigan described the situation as a “long-term tragedy,” adding that people are getting slaughtered “and we’re going to watch it for years to come.”

Watch the full interview with Steve Harrigan HERE.