Fox’s Geraldo Rivera Claims Biden Is Going To Saudi Arabia To “Wh*re Himself”

( Next month, President Biden is expected to travel to Saudi Arabia, a country he once called a “pariah” back when he was campaigning for President, where it is believed he will ask the oil-rich country to help him lift his plummeting approval numbers by boosting production in hopes it lowers the record-high prices Americans face at the pump.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s evening show “The Five,” liberal co-host Geraldo Rivera said he deplored Biden’s decision to go to Saudi Arabia and “whore himself” to the Saudis to get them to boost oil production. “I think it’s really unseemly,” Rivera added.

Rivera also slammed Biden for the absurd letter he sent to US energy firms the president last Tuesday that blasted the US oil sector for profiting “at a time of war” while Americans are paying record prices at the pump.

Rivera objected to the letter, not because it was ridiculous and revealed Biden’s ignorance about the US energy sector, and not because Biden claimed it was “a time of war,” but because Geraldo didn’t think Biden went far enough.

Rivera said writing a letter to oil executives was insufficient and Biden should do something more “substantive” than just writing a letter.

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