Fox News Stops Covering Hillary Spying on Trump Story

( Colby Hall, the snotty opinion writer at Mediaite thinks he scored a direct hit on Fox News over its coverage of the Durham filing.

Late Thursday, Special Counsel John Durham released a statement noting that he isn’t responsible for how the media chose to cover the details in the court filing submitted last week in the case against Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.

Durham said that it was “simply not true” that his objective was to inflame media speculation, adding that he had “valid straightforward reasons” for including the spying allegations in the February 11 filing addressing Sussmann’s conflict of interest.

In his statement, Durham said if “members of the media have overstated, understated or otherwise misinterpreted the facts” it doesn’t “undermine the valid reasons” for including it in the motion.

In the future, Durham’s statement said, any such filings will be made under seal if “the potential exists that such facts could garner media attention.”

In short, unlike the Mueller Investigation that routinely leaked to the media, John Durham wants to keep the media out of his investigation.

But for Colby Hall, Durham’s statement was a public scolding directed at Fox News.

That evening, “Special Report” host Bret Baier read Durham’s statement in its entirety. And in the mind of Colby Hall from Mediaite, after Baier read it, the panel discussion that followed was “remarkably muted.”

Has Colby Hall ever watched “Special Report” before? It isn’t “Gutfeld!” The panel discussions are always muted.

If Fox News felt shamed by Durham, why would Bret Baier read his statement in full during “Special Report?”

But eager to find a scandal where none exists, Hall concludes in his opinion piece that Durham’s Thursday statement effectively took Fox News to the woodshed over its coverage, and Fox was duly chastened.

To “prove” his point, Colby notes that in the six days after the Durham story broke, Fox mentioned the story 219 times. But, notes Colby, in the 18 hours since John Durham issued his statement, Fox only mentioned it once.

Hall concludes his laughable article by claiming it was an “incredibly embarrassing moment” for Fox News.