Fox News Stars Question If Alec Baldwin Was Even Crying During Interview

( Fox & Friends caused a stir on Friday morning by analyzing a sit-down interview with Alec Baldwin on ABC on Thursday night. The Fox News Channel show considered whether the emotions on display from Baldwin, who shot dead a co-worker during the filming of his movie “Rust,” were actually genuine.

The interview between George Stephanopoulos and Baldwin went viral, with many pointing to the fact that Baldwin’s tears appeared fake, and his claim that he didn’t pull the trigger on the gun that killed his videographer Hylana Hutchins doesn’t sound likely at all.

Mediaite reported on Fox & Friends’ coverage of the debate, noting that some believed Baldwin’s tears on the show – as he described what happened that day – to be genuine. The outlet, which regularly sides with left-wing radicals and against Republicans, seemed to be shocked that the news channel decided to question Baldwin’s intentions and sincerity.

“On the professional actor side of the debate? Steve Doocy, who made clear that Baldwin is a “professional actor” and seemed to insist Baldwin is responsible for Hylana Hutchins, despite the actor’s insistence,” Mediaite writes.

Doocy also noted that during the Fox segment that Baldwin being a producer of the movie means that he is ultimately responsible for the actions of all of his crew – not just for his own action in pulling the trigger on the gun.

Brian Kilmeade seemed to think that Baldwin was being genuine, adding that he knows he’s one of the top five actors in the country but didn’t think that he was acting.

Watch the clip here.

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