Fox News Star Tells Andrew Cuomo To Stick It Out

( Left-wing Fox News host Geraldo Rivera said on Thursday that disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo should weather the storm and stay in office…despite a recent independent investigation that determined he sexually harassed several women.

The report even suggested that Cuomo, who denies the allegations, broke state and federal laws.

Can you imagine the response if former President Donald Trump was found to have illegally sexually harassed women? Or any Republican official, for that matter?

During an episode of “The Five,” Rivera shamelessly defended Cuomo – who doesn’t even have the support of a majority of Democrats in his state – and suggested that the governor could survive the entire scandal because he is a Democrat. He agreed with co-host Katie Pavlich that if he simply refuses to resign for long enough, then the public might lose interest in the story.

So far, that hasn’t worked out, as this story has dominated the New York and national headlines for months now, and Cuomo is significantly less popular than he was when he was hosting daily COVID-19 briefings.

You can watch Rivera make the shocking comments here.

Rivera also added that the investigation report isn’t a legal document, as if that makes the whole situation any better. Despite failing to recognize the political witch hunt of former President Donald Trump, Rivera said that the report is merely a political document.

He stopped short of saying that the allegations were false, and instead insisted that he wouldn’t want to make a judgment about them.

What happened to “believe all women”?

Incredibly, he said that he wants viewers to know that the report is “not proof” and that he has “due process rights just like everybody else.”

Wasn’t this investigation meant to be the “due process” people keep talking about?

Governor Cuomo is facing a backlash from his own party as even President Joe Biden has called for his resignation, and legislators in New York are reportedly preparing articles of impeachment.